Types Of Learners

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We have 3 types of learners.

Dedicated Learners

Semi-dedicated Learners

Lazy Learners

Dedicated Learners:

These types of learners are proactive and very dedicated while they are learning. They don’t complain or wait even if the teacher/lecturer not completing the syllabus.
Always see to complete the particular topics within a dedicated time period.

They have strong will power and never complaints regarding anything.
There key focused on the study and achieve perfection in skill within a short period. They are down to earth even after achieving the results and again humbled to learn new things.

They never postpone anything and they fix some timetable and follow it with great attention.

These people always focused on their key subjects even when they are in other discussions or playing with others. They have their own learning styles. Again it depends on person to person. If they think that within a particular time period this has to be done, then for sure they complete it by hook or crook.

a man reading a book in airplane

These types of learners are motivational to others who want to study well and reach their goals in life. If they want to complete it in any way they don’t see the place where they are. They are fully focused and concentrated to complete their task.

Semi-dedicated Learners:

These types of learners are determined to learn, but they need some boosting or guidance or motivation.
Always think that someone should encourage or instruct them to do the work. These types of people not born to do things right. They made to do the right things. They are not committed to doing daily, and not having any learning progress.

These people want to do it, but due to ignorance or lack of confidence, they keep the things postponed.

This kind of people needs the motivation to do their tasks well within the stipulated time period.
Always wait for some time to help them in their work, if someone helps me I’ll do this work.
If someone comes with me I’ll go there and read with my friends. If someone reads, I’ll read.

girl learning in apple laptop

If someone encourages them, then they start to learn and do their works. Always they need some kind of boosting to do the work. This kind of people always think to learn, but always feels someone should drive them.
For these people, if anyone guides them in the right direction and support then they excel in their life with flying colors.

Lazy Learners:

These kinds of learners are very lazy and they don’t show any interest in learning new things. Only in exam times, they show some interest.
They don’t have any goals and no motivation can help them because they are not interested to listen or showing interest in a change in their career.
They simply read for some time and think the work is done from their end and keep silent. No, continue learning from their side. Even they don’t learn and make a disturbance to others.

People always get sleep when they open the book and start reading for 5-10 minutes. They cannot concentrate or a particular task and feels a burden on them. They always complain about small things and distract from the main topic.

boy sleeping a book on his face

In some cases, lazy learners may turn into good in their life. This depends on a lot of factors again. It totally depends on how they receive it. We will discuss more again on further topics.

All the best.

See you soon.

Signing off your D.I.G.

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