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What happens when you must speak in public?

When you are in front of the audience, you need to pay attention to them and observe the people and see their way of dressing style and smile.

See the appearance and lot of things you can see to divert your mind and be good at your presentation.

Always think that the audience is your friends and be confident in your public speaking.

man speaking in conference

Most of the people get anxiety and they fear when they want to start PUBLIC SPEAKING.

                              A lot of people are afraid of public speaking, they think that these persons are born with strong oratory skills.

 They trained and do regular practice to be strong enough to have a grip on public speaking.

                               Before starting a public speech, think twice what I’m going to address them and how effective will my speaking will bring change or motivate them.

If you are using PowerPoint Presentation, always keep in mind that talks should have:

Precisely not more than 10 slides

Finish the presentation within the specified allocated time

Use font size in between 20-30, so that people can see it clearly.

CONTENT is more important while presenting if the content is very effective and good fonts and colors then it is going to be very perfect.

                           Before presenting or starting the public speaking check well all the things.

Decide what you are going to wear and be comfortable and professional.

Practice well before presenting and check things like Internet connection, Microphone, Projector, etc.

mike on the floor

                              Body language plays a key role in public speaking. Some speakers try to speak vastly, but they forget to understand that the talks of him are going to reach the end audience or not.

Maintain good eye contact and eliminate words like ah and um sounds.

Use hand movements but use periodically and don’t keep your hands in pocket.

Public speaking is defined as a formal presentation to the audience.

         It is a platform where we can share our knowledge and ideas publicly. Many people around the globe use public speaking to spread their ideas.

Public speaking may be frightening to some peoples, and it has benefits such as self-confidence.

Fear and nervousness, these two factors will make us weak.

Public speaking can bring a lot of improvement in our daily life.

Public Speaking will help to influence the world and can change people’s minds.

public speaking

Nowadays, most of the employers looking for employees who can listen well and present ideas perfectly.


No one is perfect in this world who can do the work without fault. We do mistakes and try not to happen again. To be honest, even the topmost public speakers also make mistakes.

They can charmingly recover and keep going as if nothing happened and that is the key to success.

If your speech is good and if you make miniature mistake they can’t identify it soon. But if your speech has breaking or any stammering then they can find the fault in you.

All the best for your speaking skills.

All the best.
See you soon.
Signing off your D.I.G.

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