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Problem Solving:

We start our day with problem-solving. Every individual has their own problems and they solve by themselves or by taking the help of others to solve their issues.

                         Problem-solving skills refer to personal life situations, academics, work location many more and we should have the ability to dismantle the problems and resolve it.

  Problem Solving should be very systematic and organized, and we need to invest some time to identify the problem and to resolve it.

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                       These skills are very essential in our daily life. If you are the child and you have solved your classroom work and you attain some skills and when you move to the upper-level grade, then you are provided with more complex problems again you need to implement it in the right manner by upgrading your problem-solving techniques.

Types of Problem Solving Skills:

                 We have different types of problems depending on the situation. So, we need to have decision making skill set to resolve it. Mainly Analytical skills, Critical thinking, or Creative thinking.

Analytical Skills:

Analytical skills are very important as it helps to select the best solution out of all possible solutions. We can evaluate in comparison, selection, judgment, or order of it.

Creative Skills:

Creative skills or Critical thinking is something thinking process that helps to resolve the problems or issues based on intelligence, imagination, understanding.

Creativity skills have no end, everything we do special is a new one which helps us to resolve any problems.

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                                        We have some set of rules to follow for any kind of problem to resolve or kill the problems.

Effective Problem Solving Skills:

                     Problem-solving will have some specific steps to solve any kind of problem or situation.

Identify the problem or Issue:

                      First and foremost, thing is to identify the problem and take the appropriate decisions on it. Understand every point and we need to break the problem to understand better.

Identify possible solutions:

                We need to observe and scrutinize and develop a structure for solving a problem.  Check for all possible solutions and gather information and implement the most feasible.

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Yes, we need to have the self-confidence to implement with the most suitable solutions for the problem, we need to check the outcome results of problemsolving. Is our decision-making being correct or not and try to focus on it to be perfect?

                Always try to apply the best solutions to get the desired results.

All the best.

See you soon.

Signing off your D.I.G.

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