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We have 4 types of learning styles:

Everybody who comes to this beautiful world will learn first by seeing and hearing. At the age of 3-4, kids start reading and writing. Next will be Kinesthetic which is through practicals like moving with hands and explaining. We always try to learn new things and interested to implement in various ways which gives us immense support.

   Visual Learning Style        

   Audio/Listening Learning Style

   Reading/writing Learning Style

   Kinesthetic Learning Style

Visual Learning Style:

We understand most of the things by visual. Visuals will be the most powerful to capture by our brains.
It can memorize very faster than any other learning. Visuals last for a longer time.

To understand for children we need to use the visual learning technique to be more knowledgeable learning. Visuals will help more compared to other learning styles.

Audio/Listening Learning Style

Audio/Listening is also most effective to learn. We hear our surrounding sounds and understand slowly when we are growing. Firstly we don’t understand, but eventually, we start memorizing the sounds of different wavelengths. When the mother speaks to us every time, we generally nod our head as a sign of reaction.

kid with headphones

Nowadays, many people are concentrating on listening to music, or if they are interested to study they are using apps for audio listening. We can learn faster using audio files. Even we can carry anywhere in the world.

If you feel shy or uncomfortable to carry a book, its better to carry audio files that can install in our mobiles which can store more data. Moreover, audio files will take lesser kb files. Great to learn in this present world.

Reading/Writing Learning Style

This is also one of the effective learning styles for the students as well as to the elders to learn anything. While reading our brain will capture the sentence structure and it helps to understand the key points.

After reading if we focused to write the things which we have read, then it’s going to be more valuable. It improves our writing style. Every person has their way of writing styles. If we practice well we can get a good writing style. It improves our Self-Confidence while writing or reading.

A girl writing on a book with pen

If you want to improve your reading and writing skills, do practice well for 2-3 months and see the miracle in it. Your capabilities change a lot and the style of presenting in English is also changes. People always say we are way backward in communication skills. Do this and see the results.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

The Kinesthetic learning style in which students will focus on physical activities instead of listening to a lecture or any kind of demonstrations.

Kinesthetic learning style is one of the best methods for the students to participate in physical activity or engaging with others. They show more interest in learning compared with other types of learning. Physical activities will work more rather than any other practice.

Kinesthetic learning will improve brainpower, and helps the kids in understanding more in terms of gaining knowledge and improves their Problem solving skills.

learning through boxes

Kinesthetic learning is one of the best techniques for children to learn faster and improve their brainpower. It helps them to understand and have a good sign of interaction with other peoples.

Learning through not by visuals, just by doing practicals. Using hand movement they learn a lot by practice. It helps the kids or even young people who can learn faster for their improvement in studies.

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