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Interpersonal skills are the most important generous of communication. It is a two-way communication where the individuals are closely talking to each other and they provide feedback to each other.

It is the way where people express thoughts, ideas, feelings to other persons. These skills can be improved by learning and practice.

Interpersonal skills are used every day and it is a part of life. Early morning since wake up in the morning to the time while ready to fall asleep at night.

boat race showing interpersonal skills

Some examples of interpersonal skills:

Listening skills

Interpersonal skills include social communication, verbal and non-verbal, listening skills, problem-solving decision making, etc.

Assertive skills: which include expression of thoughts without disturbing (violating) the rights of others.

Conflict skills: Conflict resolution skills will help to resolve issues.

Interpersonal skills can be developed with the interaction of individuals with family members,

peer groups, etc. It can help in collaborating with more people, stress-reducing.

Two-way communication is very important in developing good interpersonal skills.

man pointing to laptop and explaining

Everyone needs to pay attention and hear what another person is saying.

Intrapersonal skills:

              Intrapersonal communication is a self-talk conversation. For example, a person may talk himself when there is stress or smile during social events.

Intra means inside or within.  Intrapersonal communication is a method of communication that helps every person to communicate with himself/herself.

Intrapersonal communication is nothing but self-talk. It is recognized as a motivational skill just like dialogue or inner speech of any human being.

We need to create self-awareness about self-talk.  One cannot really communicate effectively with the outside world, unless if he/she master the art of communicating effectively.

Sometimes people themselves are not necessarily crazy. Before preparing for any speech or attending any seminar etc.

People who talk to themselves or not mad or crazy. Before making or attending, body language and perfection is the most important thing.

Always try to develop the Interpersonal skills and Intrapersonal skills to step ahead in any organization.

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