Importance of SOFT SKILLS


A Very Happy New Year to all & Welcome to Beloved Year 2019.


This article is about importance of Soft Skills to every individuals in their daily life. If you have the skills then for sure you can grab a job with ease. 

If you think that Soft Skills are not needed, then for sure you may get problems in the future may not be now. Because it helps in the longrun.

Every individual wants a job in a good company, but only a few people are selected out of a huge crowd. WHY?

Because we mainly focus on Technical Skills (Hard Skills).

              For Example: Let us assume, there is an interview for a company and 100 people attended to it.

               We see only 2-3 people are selected out of 100 members. Because every round has their own way of scrutinizing people to meet the requirements of the company standards.

I see people mostly preparing technical side and leaving soft skill preparation.

To crack any interview, firstly we need to develop Soft Skills and then Technical Skills. Build your self confidence.


Because everyone knows the first and foremost question is:

Tell me about yourself/ Introduce yourself …… (Related to Soft Skill)

 So, if you are cleared with this round with good performance then you are eligible for next level of interview. So, be prepared with Soft Skills first to move to further rounds of the interview process. Always have soft skills training if required to get the desired job.

           Otherwise, you may be missing one chance for that company, and if its MNC then 2-3 months you must wait again to re-apply for that company.

                        So, friends, get well prepared while going for any company with a little study about the company moreover.

Analyze your skills before going for an interview, if suppose you are not qualified for the second round then please do analyze yourself what went wrong and try to overcome it and then surely you will get a job.

Note: Around 80% of companies stating that people are rejected due to the low level of Soft Skills. Because they are not much interactive with clients or business level leaders.

                     So, please consider this as major Skill Set to crack any interviews and to move to the higher ladder in your career path ahead.

This is my first post which I started on this day 01-01-2019.

All the best.
See you soon…
Signing off your D.I.G.

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