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Getting a job in the current days is not so easy.

How to make a good resume format or a resume sample.
If your resume is not fair enough and kept aside by the HR department, then what? You are waiting for a call, but no response. What is the reason behind it?

All resumes will not be shortlisted, only a few out of 100 (20-30 will be considered which are very attractive). So, it’s our duty to have a resume prepared by yourself.

By reading this article, for sure you can prepare a good resume (may or may not be a superb resume)

Spend some time in preparing your resume, don’t simply copy and paste it.
You should have self confidence in you in preparing your resume. Suppose you may say that there is no time, then after copying look for any kind of difficult vocabulary. At least you need to understand the meaning of it. Check grammar mistakes very carefully. If you find any try to retify it and send the resume.

Resume Template:

A template will have a basic structure where you need to edit the document. It’s a predefined format. So, that we can understand it easy where or how to insert our text to look attractive. A resume template will help you very much.

Cover letter:

Resume and cover letter is the most important where it includes a formal information regarding your experience and capabilities which is attached with your resume.
It boosts up your resume ahead of others. It gives more detailed information about you in terms of work experience.
The recruiter will give weightage to it, it does not mean you will get a job.

Define Resume?

Resume is an application of the applicant about his employment history, education and other information.

Why resume is important?

To get a job employer has to know about you whether your skills and background are suited or not.
They can easily grab the potential employees from a larger database.
Interviewers always look whether you can contribute to company’s success or not.

resume format
resume format

What is Resume Types:

Chronological resume: Which shows your work history and the recent experience

Functional resume: It mainly focuses on your skills rather than the jobs you worked in the past.

Combination resume: Which contains details about your skills and also the job history.

Resume is one of the important crucial thing in any job.
Your resume is a resemblance to you. YES, Finding a good job starts with writing a good resume. If you write a good resume that will stand out and make the employers  have an eye on it.

Most of the people are not even called for the interview, because their resumes are not fit to the company standards or the particular job role.

So, here are some guidelines which tell what should include in your resume and what to exclude.

Resume includes:

Header: Includes NAP ( Name, Address, Phone number), Email ID
Objective: what is the main objective
Experience: Tell them the experience which you hold.
Education: Mention in brief (no need to mention percentages)
Skills: (related to the job description)
Contact Information: ( give correct details)

Upgrade your resume:

Tell your achievements on your resume, any awards .
Keep the text in a good format. If any gaps, tell them the truth. Don’t lie (if it is not looking like genuine), don’t tell them that you are busy in searching job.

Standing Out From The Crowd:

To stand out from the crowd, you need to have a good eye-catching resume.
Reference add weightage and online presence can push you forward.

resume sample
resume sample

Job Search:

Always identify your companies on your subject outline
Get the company details, review it. Get a desired job using resume:

Showcase your skills as per the employer’s needs. Use your experience as a roadmap. Make your resume like a brand. Showcase your achievements on your resume.

Note: Always include or highlight which is related to the company job profile. Most of them highlight the skills which are not relevant to the job and ignore the JD (Job Description). Yes, I can understand they have the skill, but always focus the skills which is important for the job role.

All the best

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