Fear of Failure

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How to overcome Fear of Failure

Try to see the success in every Failure. We are all taught at schools and colleges as success is great and failure is bad.

Telling about success importance is very well. But we say if you fail, no one will care you and you are waste. Don’t decline the capabilities of the individuals.

If possible, try to say, if you fail no problem but you have to achieve it by putting your full efforts.

fear of failure

Life makes you learn many things. But don’t stop your work continue it until you get success.

If you stop in middle you are a failure. But if you put your 100% effort and fail. It’s not a fail, it’s just a TRIAL. Think, just like it’s a test drive.

Now you come to know how to drive it. I mean, you know how to use breaks, clutch, gears, balancing, slow speed. You know the flaws in it and now you can drive well. Build your self-confidence.

Same in life, it’s a trial. Now analyze where you went wrong and work on it to get your desired thing.

FAIL: First Attempt In Life

Tell me any person who is successful without FAILURE In life No one on this earth. I challenge.

We are human, failures and success are part of life.

The biggest and beautiful gift by god is LIFE [ Birth as human beings].

The dangerous and toughest problem given by god is DEATH. Nothing is bigger than this Yes or No.

After death no relationships with Family, Friends, Relations, etc.

Don’t Say: What if I fail again, most of the youth or professionals say it.

Instead Say: What if I succeed, think in a positive mindset and your brain helps to move towards success direction.

For suppose I will take the example of Actors because we are more attracted to them.

In this example Hits and Flops are seen right, irrespective of it they are trying (even though it is a group of people’s works), consider your effort for the success path.

Here You tried two times and never tried for the success and no results showing?  Others who tried also has some success rate like 70%, 50%, 40%. What about you, thinking about failures and not doing it will not bring anything.

Try something, you will get something better than nothing. If you try you may get Hits in any of the following years for sure (in terms of success, it’s an example only).

Learn from Mistakes:

Failure persons always feel bad when they are judged. But try to learn from your mistakes and analyze what is the major cause of the failure.

 If you ignore the mistakes of your past and doing it, again and again, will lead towards failure.

learn from mistakes

 Successful people always check their mistakes and try not to do it again and get success in their life.  Improvise your decision-making skills for taking the correct decisions and not to make mistakes again.

Example: You are swimming and failed due to not having proper practice. Next time try to practice well, don’t repeat the same thing and fall prey towards failure.

Ask Feedbacks:

Most of the people fail in the interviews or in professional or personal life. This happens due to one reason. Any Guess? Yes, you are right.

Asking the feedback about our performance or work. People think that asking feedback is something wrong and leave from them without thinking about it.


Always try to get the feedback from great people. Always have an enthusiastic approach to your work. Take the necessary feedbacks.

Never Give up:

If you give up it tends to fail. Unsuccessful people always look for loopholes, problem, and point out and say they are giving up for silly reasons.

They don’t do the hard work. Even if they do, it is for some exist & look for instant results.

Example: Suppose a truck got an accident in the early morning and he was killed. It contains all coconuts. You start with full energy and never give up. If getting strain, you motivate and encourage and say If I bring an extra 3 or 4, I feel happy.  You are not giving up WHY?

Because you feel successful for temporary success and moreover it is FREE OF COST. But for long term success, you need to do a little more effort for life long success.

So, pay the same attention for your career growth also, just like the above scenario.

I hope you don’t give up...

All the best

See you soon

Yours DIG Kalyan

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