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Emotional Intelligence is known as Emotional Quotient (E.Q). It is a skill to analyze one’s own emotions and others to manage and use it in a positive way to motivate and communicate effectively. This kind of skill is very important for any leader to make key decisions.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the important factors (component) for any leader in a leadership role. It is hard to measure the E.I. at the work area. But, the leadership skills of the top management with a high level of E.I. are good at handling different situations.

emotional intelligence of man stopping another man

Major components of Emotional Intelligence:

Self Regulation

Self Awareness



Social Skill

Self Awareness: The main part is self-awareness. It helps people to understand others well and also to manage their own emotions. We should understand the self-awareness in all aspects of emotions. Mostly the leaders should understand the people’s emotions and try to use them in the right direction.

He has to listen to other words either it is criticizing or praising. When a leader works with a group of people, we generally see a lot of challenges. Their working styles and the way of approach will be surely different from each other.

One may do good and quickly, but some may take time and they may have clashes sometimes. A true leader must incorporate self-awareness in them and help to do it successfully.

Self-awareness is one of the best qualities for any leader and moreover it is their duty to look for solutions and not to focus on the problem. He has the ability to manage and coordinate with others easily.

Self-Regulation: It depends on person to person, its the individual’s ability to calm down when they’re tired or disturbed and cheer themselves when they are upset. One should understand the nature of the human body and try to control the emotions and feelings to run in a smooth way.

Motivation: Motivational speeches can help to change our life and fight for success. It boosts our capabilities to reach our desired goals.

Empathy: Carrying the feelings of others, or you yourself in the shoes of others

Social Skills: In terms of E.I. refers to skills required to handle people’s emotions and influence effectively.

A truly emotional intelligent person will have the skillset in:

Identifying emotions
Understanding emotions
Using emotions
Regulating emotions.  
heart and brain emotions

Benefits of emotional intelligence

Better support
Easily adjustable
More flexible
Manage the time effectively
Good teamwork

Ways to improve emotional intelligence

Be polite
Don’t react, only respond
Always think positive
Observe people and see how you react to situations.
Be motivational
communicate pleasantly
Be stress-free
Do self evaluate yourself
Think twice about your actions, how it’s going to affect others or you.

think positive

Emotional Intelligence is always within you and can be controlled if we are truly perfect to handle the situations in the right direction to have a healthy atmosphere.

All the best.

See you soon.

Signing off your D.I.G.

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