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    Decision making is most important in any field or in life. To run a smooth life or hard life totally depends on decision making.  It is defined as the choice between two or more options available.

Choice making skills will help in all sectors, whether it is for personal life or organization or business levels.

Importance of Decision Making:

Decision making skill is an art and only a few people can handle it very carefully.  Leadership skills will help to take the right decisions.

The importance of management functions is Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Controlling because decision making is more valuable.

These skill is an important skill in the workplace, mostly useful for who wants to attain leadership roles.

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In every decision making, we can see both positive and negative outcomes depending on the choice we choose.

We have 2 types of decisions:

  1. Programmed
  2. Non-Programmed

Programmed: are the type of decisions, which are common and daily seen. These are within the boundaries and can be resolved easily.

These are taken care by lower level management.

Non-Programmed: is a type of decisions, which are not common and non-routine. These are high importance and it is taken care of by top level management.

To identify the problem for decision making:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Note the decision details
  3.  Compare each option
  4. Choose the best option
  5.  Implement the best option  

Firstly, we need to identify the problem and define it. We must write some key-points and make a note.

        Analyze the points and compare each option and we need to choose the best option.

Once the decision is taken then we need to implement it. But, be sure of taking the right choice.

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Because the results depend on your final choice making.

These skills are very important than any other skills, why because choice making is the main key role in achieving anything. It takes you to the desired targeted level.

Sometimes good or bad happen depending on the selection of your choice. So be careful while making your decision.

Spend some time and take some references and take the support of your parents, friend’s relatives and analyze them systematically.

We are humans and we do mistakes but make them correct for the second time. Self confidence is the key to any success.

Every time we may not be correct in choosing the right choice, if the choice is wrong then it creates disturbance in our life and depends on the level of severity.

At some level of the point, we can correct the decisions, but sometimes we can’t make any changes once it is final.

So, be very attentive in choosing and taking the right decision at the right moment.

These can be at School level, Organizations, Home or any Business levels etc.

Be cautious and choose a wise decision.

All the best.
See you soon.
Signing off your D.I.G.

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