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Communication Skills defined as the ability to convey information to others actively and proficiently. It is a part of Soft Skills.

We see most of the people have good technical skills and they face Communication problem to convince people. So, if you have good technical stuff then you need to express it through Communication skills.

If your communication skills are not good, then it’s probably you are sinking your own ship. Always try to build your self-confidence.

soft skills and communication skills
soft skills and communication skills

Way to improve your Communication Skills:







First and foremost is to Listen to Improve your Communication Skills. Listening will make you grasp the words to form a structure in a meaningful way.  Always try to listen as much as you can and improve your listening skills it will be highly beneficial to you in your life.

The brain can understand and capture the listening words of others and helps to speak in the same manner after a period of time. Any language can be learned by listening frequently.

black headphone for listening
black headphones for listening


Reading will make your flow smoothly without any interruption. So, reading will surely help to have a smooth conversation with others. Try to read daily, so as to improve your way of reading style and it helps to speak well.

reading textbook
reading textbook


Speaking is your weapon, after listening and reading for a while you are now a good speaker. Whatever the topic maybe try to speak, so has to improve your speaking skills.

It takes a few days to a few months to be a good speaker depending on your efforts.





whether it is wrong or right. Practice in front of a mirror or talk with your close friends who can give suggestions.

mike for speaking
mike for speaking or communication

You can be successful……


Observation is more important because we can learn a lot from it.  Observe the people who speak English very well. You can get a lot of inputs from them.

eye of a girl observing
eye of a girl


Daily practice regularly without missing it. Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Observing will make you perfect in your Communication skills.

Communication is a very powerful weapon that can lead to anything in your life. If you can’t properly communicate the message in the right way, there the problem arises.

a man playing chessboard

Do we have different types of Communications?

YES, below is the list.

  Verbal Communication

  Non-Verbal Communication

  Written Communication

  Visual Communication


                Verbal Communication can be face to face or through telephone


                 Body Language can be considered as non-verbal communication and body gestures and posters.


                 Any written script can be just like Books, Articles, Emails, etc.


              Understanding Communication through visuals like Graphs, Charts, Diagrams, etc.

Following these regularly will make you success and have confidence in your Communication Skills.

All the best.

See you soon…

Signing off your D.I.G.

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