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Importance of Body Language

In this article, we are going to talk about body language skills. Yes, is your body language is good. Everyone thinks that it is good.
But always check twice. Let see how your body language should be. Let’s dive into our topic and see the best practices.

Body Language is non-verbal communication, in which we used to express or convey information. It includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, hand movements, eye movement, etc. Body language plays a key role in communication.

  To connect instantly to someone, use your shake hand. It’s the most important and powerful non-verbal communication.

It creates some bond when we touch someone’s hand or shoulder. People remember the person who shakes hand for the first time. If your body language is well perfect means it shows you have leadership skills in you.


Facial expression

Body postures


Hand movements.

80% of success is by using effective body language which includes posture, facial expressions, gestures, hand movement, eye contact, etc., and it is a key to analyze a person or group of people to understand to some extent by observing them.


Smile make us stimulates our body and tells that we are co-operative and approachable. When we smile at someone, we get back the same smile in return.

baby smiling and holding headphone

Every time we use verbal communication and sometimes non- verbal communication because it reaches faster and easy to understand.

Non- verbal communication means without speaking any words. It is a part of verbal communication. Body language is non- verbal communication.

We use this in our daily life to express our thoughts or feelings to other parties to deliver a specific message.

girl showing sign of making a call using hand

Why this body language is so important?

Every place or where ever you go, it is essential. For example, you are with clients in a meeting and talking well, but you are not properly using your body gestures and good posture and no proper eye contact then the problem persists.

  Even if your Communication Skills are good and not having good use of body language then for sure it will not work properly or the success of a client meeting.

Even in Public Speaking, it is highly important to have proper body language and eye contact while speaking on stage addressing a huge crowd.

girl showing thumb nail as great with body language

We have positive and negative body language.  For negative we see there is no proper eye contact and crossed arms and no smile (don’t smile unnecessarily).

Tension, no facial expressions and no proper use of body parts as per the content in which they are going to address the audience will have a negative impact.

one hand on another

To improve first and foremost is awareness of yourself. Observe people and study them in terms of their body language, eye contact, facial expression get success.

shake hand of two gentlemen

It takes time to be mastered.

All the best.

See you soon.

Signing off your D.I.G.

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