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Teaching is a gift for us and we the people who can mold the students of the younger generation and make them proud. Professors/Lecturers/Teachers who are knowledgeable or skilled at communication can create a positive learning environment using different techniques.

Even if people with good skills sometimes cannot manage to teach well in the classrooms/seminars. The most important things are, students should understand the concepts well.

Every teacher/trainer/professor will have their own way of teaching styles.
We have categorized some of the methods of teaching. Observe and let’s see to which category we fall under.

  1. Lecture Teaching Method:
  2. Discussion Teaching Method:
  3. Demonstration Teaching Method:
  4. Brainstorming Teaching Method:
  5. Role Play Teaching Method:

Lecture Teaching Method:

Preferably for Students

The lecture method is a general method of teaching. Every teacher or lecturer will use this technique for teaching to students. Here, in this type of teaching, only the teacher will be teaching and the students will be listening to the class teacher.

They can be called as passive listeners. It is a piece of information centered based and only the subject information is taught. They should teach adaptability and work-life balance to the students. It has boundaries and teachers can give general information on the subject.

teacher writing on board

Discussion Teaching Method:

Preferably for Students and Employees

In this type of method, generally, people will be discussing one topic and moreover over it is a group activity. It has the involvement of the teacher and students to define the particular problem and trying to resolve it.

Its core principle of the discussion method is to understand the core principles and the topic.
We think that the discussion method and brainstorming method is similar, but they are not one.
In the discussion method, we understand the problem and the constraints of it. In brainstorming, we try to generate new ideas and various solutions to solve the problem and learn new things.

discussion method

Demonstration Teaching Method:

Preferably for Employees and Business people

It is one of the teaching methods we use to communicate through visuals such as PowerPoint, Charts, Posters.
The demonstration is the process of teaching someone how to do or make something in a step-by-step manner.

For example, if you have a project and explaining to someone, then you need to demonstrate it by visuals or ppt in a sequence of steps. Most of the business people follow this method in seminars and while project explanations. They catch the pulse of emotional intelligence.

In client meetings, this works better and gives the best results. While using this method be well prepared and confident to demonstrate perfectly.

man demonstrating on screen

Brainstorming Teaching Method:

Preferably for Students and Employees

In this type of method, a group of people or a team will sit and work as a team for the desired results.
Every person in the team will have some knowledge for the assigned task and they generally discuss for the particular problem or situation. They are collaborative and work like an instructional based situations.

For example, we are in school or college and in a week we have a meeting where IAS officer is coming and need to conduct the program well without any hassle and very innovatively. It cannot be done with a single person or without any help from others.

Then a group of people sits in a room, or they have round table conferences and discuss and share their inputs, and finally, they come to a conclusion based on their talks which held for 30 minutes to 1 hour or more depending on the situation.

Different brains work under one platform or roof, to get the desired results. Brainstorming will help in a constructive process that involves thinking, listening and interacting with other participants and making the discussion successful.

brainstorming method where a lady and group of people collectively in discussion

Role-Play Method:

Applicable to anyone

An approach to teaching and learning. Role-play is a kind of technique that makes the students think innovatively and have a situational way of behavior by mingling with other people in a managed way.

Every person in their life wants at some point in time wants to roleplay like others. Just think of a situation or a character. “Role Play” is nothing but it is just acting or you are a role play of some other which is not part of your regular work. Just imagining some person whom we like much and try to enact is nothing but a role play.

This kind of role-play can be done in Schools and Colleges and even in professional life. If we talk in schools we take the charge as teachers for an hour or day, just enacting like a teacher. So, we need to have leadership skills. In organizations sometimes we act as managers just like a role-play in his absence.

role play its like a mask

Every teaching method or style is different as per the requirement or situation. Try to differentiate it and its a learning process for everyone.

If we talk we have a lot of other methods, but these are the main teaching methods we generally put into practice.

All the best

See you soon

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