Anger Management

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Define Anger?

Anger is one type of emotion where it disturbs our lifestyle.

Anger Management technique is crucial, One of the important things for Anger is Arguments, it can happen with anyone like friends, relatives, office mates, and even with unknown persons.

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What made you angry?

A Lot of situations will be there where we get angry.


We don’t like to see or talk to some persons.
If anyone comments or talks bad about us or family
If you face any problem, sometimes you show anger.

Drawbacks of Anger:

We lose our relationships/family
Property loss
Job loss
Bad reputation

Anger is always dangerous to an individual or group of people for destruction. It creates a lot of problems, violation, it destructs the bonds of human relations.

One should build their Self-confidence in order to overcome anger. Due to anger we get stress and get irritated on others.

It is our duty and responsibility not to elevate the anger on others for creating discrepancies.
Every person at a certain point of time we get angry.

But the person who can resist and control his/her angry is the best human being. Anger management techniques help to overcome anger.

We see people for small reasons they quickly get angry and quarrel with others.

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Due to anger sometimes we can’t control our emotions and it may lead to a lot of problems like change in family relationships, property loss, and sometimes goodwill may vanish because of our behavior due to anger.

Anger creates a lot of problems and it mostly depends on person to person. The duration of the anger is less then fine but if it is for a long time then it creates problems.
When you get angry, we can do a lot of things to run from anger is to escape from that place or ignore it for some time and think peacefully again to correct it.

If we have decision making skills then it would be very easy to escape from anger.

If you made any mistakes with or without knowing, say Sorry at the right moment.

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Tools to control anger:

Listen to music or divert it from your brain
Don’t blame others
Be calm for a few seconds
Think the consequences if you react
Find the solutions instead of being angry.
Don’t react to any situation in a negative way

  Our anger is our enemy, don’t grow it.

All the best,

See you soon

Signing off your D.I.G.

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