What is Health? Who is considered as Healthy People?

Yes, my article is about Health. Human’s first priority will be health compared with anything. Is it true?
Really not, yes we are not giving priority to health. Let’s seeā€¦

If health is in good condition, we can do anything. Otherwise, it keeps us aside in bed. It is not just like a machine, it is an intellectual machine. It has the power of curing on its own to some extent.

It is our mistake we do and ignore the body, which leads to unhealthy. Just go through it to avoid the problems in your life and be happy with good health.

There is a quote “Health is Wealth”, yes it is correct.
If our health disturbs then we can’t do anything, and everything stops to move forward.

Health can be defined in various way, if you are physically, mentally good then your health is perfect. It does not mean that you are free from diseases. Even though when you fall sick you have to recover and bounce back from the health problems.

We see some persons(men/women) are very fit and healthy always, maybe sometimes they fall sick and recover soon compared to other people. So, what is the reason behind it?

For being fit and healthy these may be taken into consideration

  1. Genetics
  2. Good environment
  3. Hygiene food
  4. Education


Genetics means relating to genes or heredity.

If you are suffering from various diseases it can be a reason of the genetic issue. In your heredity, if someone is highly affected by any kind of disease like heart problems, asthma, diabetes, etc.

Then there is a probability of getting for others in the family. Always it’s better to know the family background health details perfectly.

genetic heridity

In this present world, we don’t have time to notice all these things. But it is one of the major things, where we can control major health problems by knowing it immediately.

Heredity is nothing but it is passing of traits from parents to children or from ancestors.

We think that we are eating healthy food and maintaining good hygiene. Even though if your body is having more genes related to the person who had critical diseases, there may be problems.

So, always be protective in taking decisions fast and know your family health report. And check your health ones in a year for better health. Improve your self-confidence to be healthy.

Good environment:

Good environment: When we talk about the environment, we are talking about the natural environment. Earth has given everything natural to us. The natural environment is a gift of God.

Air is the most important to all living bodies (humans, animals). If the air is good, the majority of health issues will be solved.

If the air is not fresh or mixed with a lot of pollution due to industries, factories and we are inhaling may cause a lot of health problems.
We talk later in another article regarding this matter.
Have good air.

Water: Water is important to any living beings and the quality of water is more important. If the water is contaminated then we may face again health problems which may lead to death in some cases.
Check the water which you are consuming is perfect or not.

Hygiene Food:

Food is the major thing for our living in this world. Without this, we can’t survive. We are working hard to live and eat. Always eat good food that is not contaminated, hygiene food will make you fit and healthy when you eat it and increase your immune system.


Stop eating outside stuff which is not good for our body and may kill our body in the long run. Better to have home food to keep away from diseases. Almost no food is good compared to the food which is prepared at home.


Yes, education is also the most important thing for the human living lifestyle. Education will make us learn a lot of things to keep our health hygiene. If the education standards are good, it makes us understand the essence and importance of health and cleanliness.


Education will provoke and create a sense of being healthy. A lot of things can be learned who are educated and can understand the importance of health.

We can say that people who have unpolluted air, water and food are the best healthy persons in the world. We have a lot of other things to take into consideration, but these are the major things.

So, who is a healthy person? check from your end.

All the best

Signing off your DIG Kalyan

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