What is Coronavirus

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As we are aware, all of us are facing an unpredictable situation due to a virus called CORONAVIRUS, which is COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease-19).



Clean Operative & Rinse hands will Overcome Newly Activated virus

How coronavirus is spread

As of now no vaccine to this virus and the only remedy is prevention is better than cure.

  1. Being in contact with others who have affected by the virus.
  2. Giving hand-shake, or close to people.
  3. If the infected person coughs or sneezes and the droplets fall on us it affects us.
  4. Even when you go to purchase groceries or daily products be careful.
shake hands

Symptoms of coronavirus




Difficulty in breathing

If you see the above symptoms in any person, kindly go to the nearest medical center to confirm whether it is normal or related to the virus. If your immune system is strong then it can control to some extent compared to others.

How to protect from coronavirus

Stay away from groups and be isolated.

Clean your hands often with soap or sanitizer.

washing hands

Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with hands frequently.

Wear a mask compulsory, even in staying house for safer side.

wear a face mask

Use napkin while coughing or sneezing. 

I request all of you to be safe with your family and stay healthy. As we are seeing the effect of it now, so take it seriously and be cautious.

Around the world, it is spread and we the people looking down to get rid of the virus.

Totally it’s in our own hands. Yes, if we are serious and take precautions (we are away from the virus), we are safe.

We need to thank the doctors and also medical professionals who are in regular duties protecting like GOD.

Staying at home to escape from coronavirus

It’s a great opportunity to spend time with your family members.  People who are always busy with their work, now its time to play with your kids and enjoy with your family members. Develop your Time management skills.

stay home

Once again thanks to the DOCTORS, Medical Staff and the entire POLICE DEPARTMENT for controlling and reducing the effect of coronavirus.

We all pray for the people who are infected with the virus and to recover as soon as possible and come back to their homes happily.

We all need to obey the rules which are passed by the government as it is safer for our families. Otherwise, we may fall prey to the virus which is not safe.

We all should be united at this point in time or in this situation, it means being maintained isolated from others is our key.  Maintain adaptability so that it can break the chain of virus and see safer India and a better World.

keep distance

If we are not taking it seriously and moving outside, it is a problem for all not only for us. Moreover, we may be put into trouble if this virus spreads to a greater extent.

Then we need to stay at home even for months, then again it’s more difficult for all.

Do we want to stay at home for months or just 1-2 weeks, which is a better option to get the chain break of the spreading virus?

The advantage for all: If we follow the rules of the government it’s truly better for our family and for the nation. Moreover, we are not kids and we can understand the situations. If the coronavirus vanishes or if the chain breaks (zero reports) then we all be happy with our family.

The disadvantage for all: If we are not following the rules of the government, then for sure we all need to suffer a lot in the coming days and we even can’t believe the situation what we are going to face and we see the dark side of the country. Our parents, children, family members, relatives all will be in trouble.

Just think the raise of the coronavirus is not much in India, but if it increases a little bit. I mean in terms of our population, we can’t imagine the consequences. So be alert.


Cleanliness Option in Removing virus is Our Next Achievement

Let’s see a brighter side of the world, and live happily by keeping a safer distance from others.

All the best

see you soon

Signing off your DIG Kalyan

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