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Welcome to my article, My talks on the best food for hair growth today. Anytime do you observed why hair is lost in the majority of the people? A lot of people are not taking care of their hair and lastly, some of the people are spending a huge amount on transplantation for hair growth.

Hair Tips:

Nowadays it is so common in young children also, but we don’t have this kind of problem in the earlier days why? Because we changed our lifestyle and food habits and working styles.

Most of them worry if they start seeing their hair loss, and get depressed. Hair loss causes depression or even depression causes more hair loss. So, the first thing is to not panic and following simple steps to get good hair or the lost hair.

If we take some precautions in the early time when we are noticing that the hair is falling due to various reasons like dandruff and then follow some simple tips to stop hair fall.

Most of the people do mistakes by not taking care of hair in early-stage and leave it casually. But after due course of time, they notice a lot of difference and think that they made a mistake and get depressed and try to apply various products which may damage your hair again.

If you lost your hair then for sure you look older, but just think if you have hair it looks good.

You will be get benefited by reading this article for sure because I tested this and it worked for me. You will get rid of stress and be free.

Reasons for hair loss:

  • Family history heredity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stressful
  • Applying chemicals or treatment to hair may lose hair (in some conditions)

Hair loss causes a lot of depression in men and women. If there is a heredity problem we can’t do anything and it will be fewer cases. Hormonal changes can also hair loss for men and women. The main reason is Stress if more stress then for sure causes of hair loss will be severe.

stressful women

We are not having food for hair growth properly, moreover, if the scalp is not good if it is infectious or dry and sometimes irritation can slow down your hair growth. If your hair follicles are damaged, sooner your growth of the hair will be stopped. Always keep your body healthy. and good food for hair growth.

So, let’s jump into the topic to protect our hair before it gets baldness.

Intake of healthy diet daily:

  • Eggs
  • Carrots
  • Lemons
  • Almonds
  • Spinach

Best hair loss treatment is the intake of food instead of applying oils or chemicals to hair.


Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, which helps to grow hair growth. Eating an egg helps hair growth and it reduces hair loss.
It controls dandruff and stops dryness and breakage. It improves the elasticity of hair and shines well when it is applied to hair.


Try to eat the egg which helps for hair growth and try to apply once a week for hair, which means 4 times a month always. It does not cost you much when compared with other things and above all not more than your lovely hair.

I’m I right.

See the difference in hair after 1-2 months, you feel the smoothness and silky of your hair which looks strong and get rid of any hair loss or dandruff.

Carrots: It helps in many ways and also excellent for nourishment for the scalp, it is rich in vitamin A which helps the hair stronger and thicker. Make a habit of eating carrot daily in your diet (at least 1carrot). It also helps your skin to shine.


Lemons: Lemons contain vitamin C which improves your hair growth rate and helps to clean the scalp when applied to your head. it tightens the hair follicles and silky. Try to drink lemon juice which helps your body to gain resistance and also helps the skin.

Walnuts: Walnuts are a good source of omega-3 and other fatty acids. All ingredients will help to strengthen the hair follicles. It keeps the hair stronger so that it cannot be easily come out of your head.

Almonds: It is rich in magnesium and other nutrients which will help to promote hair growth. It helps in preventing dandruff and hair damage, it makes the hair follicles stronger and lessens the hair fall. Take some almonds and soak in water at night and eat in the morning after removing the peel.


Do it for 1-2 months and you can notice a lot of difference. If not possible to do it you can follow other tips. But to need good results it will help you sooner if you follow it in your diet. It improves your immune system. and

Spinach: Greeny leaves help more and it loaded with beneficial nutrients. Iron in spinach helps the scalp to tighten the hair stronger.

Try to eat soaked peanuts, that will highly beneficial to your hair growth and strength.

So, here are some tips to follow:

Always keep your hair clean.

If your hair is not clean and a lot of dirt, or people who are working outside and sweat they need to take more care of their hair. Hair will observe the salty substances to the root of the hair and if we clean only our body and not washing our hair regularly it creates severe problems.

We need to wash our hair every 2 days to keep clean and healthy. ( If possible daily, normal wash). Drink plenty of water and also juices to regain your hair fast.
It takes some time to get the hair back.

Note: But if we have baldness, then nothing will help to get the hair back on the head. Unless if you go for any hair transplantation.

So, always good to take precautions. Including a simple diet daily can get rid of hair loss.

All the best

See you soon

Signing off you DIG

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