What is Coronavirus

Digital Kalyan

As we are aware, all of us are facing an unpredictable situation due to a virus called CORONAVIRUS, which is COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease-19). COVID-19 IS AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE CAUSED BY VIRUS Clean Operative & Rinse hands will Overcome Newly Activated virus How coronavirus is spread As of now no vaccine to this virus and the only remedy is prevention is better than cure. Being in contact with others who […]

Types Of Learners

Digital Kalyan

We have 3 types of learners. Dedicated Learners Semi-dedicated Learners Lazy Learners Dedicated Learners: These types of learners are proactive and very dedicated while they are learning. They don’t complain or wait even if the teacher/lecturer not completing the syllabus. Always see to complete the particular topics within a dedicated time period. They have strong will power and never complaints regarding anything. There key focused on the study and achieve […]

Best Methods of Teaching

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Teaching is a gift for us and we the people who can mold the students of the younger generation and make them proud. Professors/Lecturers/Teachers who are knowledgeable or skilled at communication can create a positive learning environment using different techniques. Even if people with good skills sometimes cannot manage to teach well in the classrooms/seminars. The most important things are, students should understand the concepts well. Every teacher/trainer/professor will have […]

Learning Styles

Digital Kalyan

We have 4 types of learning styles: Everybody who comes to this beautiful world will learn first by seeing and hearing. At the age of 3-4, kids start reading and writing. Next will be Kinesthetic which is through practicals like moving with hands and explaining. We always try to learn new things and interested to implement in various ways which gives us immense support. Visual Learning Style Audio/Listening Learning Style […]

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