Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence is known as Emotional Quotient (E.Q). It is a skill to analyze one’s own emotions and others to manage and use it in a positive way to motivate and communicate effectively. This kind of skill is very important for any leader to make key decisions. Emotional Intelligence is one of the important factors (component) for any leader in a leadership role. It is hard to measure the E.I. […]

Anger Management

Digital Kalyan

Define Anger? Anger is one type of emotion where it disturbs our lifestyle. Anger Management technique is crucial, One of the important things for Anger is Arguments, it can happen with anyone like friends, relatives, office mates, and even with unknown persons. What made you angry? A Lot of situations will be there where we get angry. Example: We don’t like to see or talk to some persons. If anyone […]


Digital Kalyan

Importance of Telephone Etiquette: The most important for your business or any special purposes this “TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE” is crucial. While answering a business call you need to be very careful and attentive. If any customer calls you should receive the call with most dedicatedly attend with greetings. Always think that you are the face of the customer or client while speaking through a phone. Don’t keep them wait for a […]


Digital Kalyan

Interpersonal skills are the most important generous of communication. It is a two-way communication where the individuals are closely talking to each other and they provide feedback to each other. It is the way where people express thoughts, ideas, feelings to other persons. These skills can be improved by learning and practice. Interpersonal skills are used every day and it is a part of life. Early morning since wake up […]

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